SafeSnap™ 5-Shot


SafeSnap™ Training Disc for 5-Shot J-frame Size Revolvers


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SafeSnap mitigates long term damage to your revolver by absorbing much of this energy in two ways:

The center plastic plug (inertia plug) absorbs some of the energy and individual diaphragm springs absorb even more.

Together, these two features lessen the impact of the revolver’s hammer on the frame. And when installed, the bright yellow disc also serves as an empty revolver flag indicating that your revolver is empty and safe to store or to train with.

Most revolver manufacturers state that their revolver can be safely dry fired (clicking the gun while empty). But the reality is that impacting steel on steel or steel on aluminum is not good for your revolver.

SafeSnap absorbs kinetic energy from the hammer through the firing pin to help protect your revolver

Highly visible bright yellow color indicates that the revolver is empty and safe to train with

Firing pin energy is mitigated by molded inertia plugs and diaphragm springs located in each cylinder

SafeSnap training disc serves both as an empty revolver flag and a dryfire training tool

SafeSnap is simpler and safer than snap caps

SafeSnap is available for calibers 38 Special and 357 Magnum only. For 6-shot K-frames, 5-shot J-frames, and Ruger LCR

Sold only in 2-packs

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