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J-CLIP™ Speed Loader for 5-Shot J-Frame Size Revolvers

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    • The J-CLIP™ is designed specifically to fit 5-shot J-frame size revolvers.
    • Pentagon shape for real fit with most 5-shot J-frame sizes including S&W, Taurus, Rossi, and Charter Arms (older models).
    • The J-CLIP™ works well with concealed carry style grips – will not work with larger rubber or wooden grips.
    • Made from tough BPA, BPS, BPF free polyurethane material for use in both hot and cold environments.
    • The J-CLIP™ is difficult to align using full wadcutter and Federal HST +P Micro ammunition. Try SYM-STRIP™ or J-STRIP™ for loading these bullet types.
    • Will not fit Ruger LCR revolvers.
    • Will not fit Taurus 85 Poly.

J-CLIP™ is not recommended for revolvers fitted with large rubber grips, wooden grips, or revolvers fitted with CRIMSON TRACE  laser grips.
The Zeta6™ J-CLIP™ Speed Loader will fit the following revolvers if fitted with rubber concealed carry style grips:

S&W® 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 49, 60, 337, 342, 360, 437, 442, 637, 638, 640, 642, 649, M&P Bodyguard 38 (tight fit on 340PD)
Taurus™ 85, 605, 605 Poly, 650, 651, 850, 851 (will not fit Taurus 85 Poly or Taurus Model 856)
Rossi® 68, 88, 351, 352
Ruger® SP101 (will not fit the Ruger LCR)

DISCLAIMER: Two J-CLIP™ reloaders only. Bullets and firearms displayed in photos are not included.
Please review our Safe Training Guidelines

Weight .63 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in

14 reviews for J-CLIP™

  1. John Richardson (verified owner)

    Another great product to compliment the j strip. Material is strong, with just enough flex to operate without ‘flopping’. I was initially concerned that the base would either be too rigid to peel away quickly when reloading, or too soft to hold the rounds in proper alignment. After dozens of dry run reloads with dummy rounds, and at least 20 “live fire” reloads on the range, I can confidently say zeta got it right! Used with both a S&W 642 and S&W performance center 640 I’ve had no issues once I got used to amount of strength and technique needed to utilize, and find this product to be a bit faster than even traditional (ie mechanical) speedloaders – with much less bulk, length and weight! While the j strip is ideal for a back up gun or when concealment is a challenge, this is a rugged, useful reload that is faster at getting a j frame back up fully loaded and in the fight without worrying about indexing the cylinder if you get interrupted during a reload. Just open the cylinder, eject empties, insert then peel the j clip away, close cylinder and done.
    As a police, NRA and LEOSA instructor I can recommend this product to those carrying a j frame sized weapon as a primary CCW. As j frames are a favorite of many retired officers, I plan to introduce this to everyone that comes through my LEOSA class. It gives up a little concealment over the strip for speed but is still lightweight and easy to keep in a pocket. As with the j strip, primers are completely contained as well. I wouldn’t recommend keeping either product in a pocket with keys, change etc to avoid bullet deformation or case wall damage, but could be in a pinch.

  2. John Rea (verified owner)

    This is so simple that I’m completely amazed that it hasn’t been around longer. The j-clip is not as bulky as other speedloaders. Also, I have not noticed compatibility issues with different grips that some loaders have.
    After just a little practice, I am confident to add as a carry option. I can’t wait until the k-clip and K-pac are in stock and shipping.

  3. mgct (verified owner)

    These speed loaders are great. I have a SP101, and they drop in with ease. Brass don’t shake around….and no accidental discharge in pouch or pocket. Will be buying more, and telling friends about these. Great product and price. Shipping is fast.

  4. Canfield

    I use these for hiking and because I have had unintended releases from traditional speed loaders. These work GREAT! It’s best to practice a little so that as you peel off the loader you do not remove a seated cartridge.

    These work best with traditional ammo, such as hollow points, round nose ball and flat nose ammo. They do NOT work well with Speer snake shot, Also not likely to use easily with Federal HST .38 ammo, because the bullet is recessed in the cartridge case.

  5. snubgunner

    I originally purchased J Strips and was sent these by mistake. I like these so much that I decided to keep them. Upon hearing about the shipping mix up, management refunded my purchase price without being asked. That is top notch customer service. I have since ordered J Strips and cannot wait to take these to the range!

  6. danielforester (verified owner)

    This is an excellent speed loader for my Ruger SP101! After a couple of “break in” reloads, it is smooth and easy. Now I will have to redesign and make some leather belt pouches for these. They will take up a smaller footprint on my belt when I conceal carry my SP101.

  7. Howell Basham (verified owner)

    Just got these in the mail last week. Work great with my Taurus 605 snubby Magnum. Recommend for all 5 shot wheelguns in .38 or .357

  8. Don Kim (verified owner)

    Bought a bunch of speed loaders from Amazon that purportedly fit my S&W 442 and none fit… this is the only ones I found that actually fit and are way better than speed strips and has a small factor for easy carry. I highly recommend you get these for your snubby J-frame revolvers!

  9. QuintinFavors (verified owner)

    The J-Clip fits my Taurus 605 so well. Love these speed loaders. Delivery was fast as well. Will be back for more.

  10. Joseph (verified owner)

    Purchased the J. Clips for my Taurus 605 357 Magnum and I’m very satisfied.I will ordering the K.clips for my S&W model 10 38Special.

  11. Ronald Klein

    I brought a pack of j clips for my s&w 442 and was so impressed I brought a second set. It takes a little practice to get use to them but they blow away speed loaders by far. I will be buying more in the near future.

  12. Gus (verified owner)

    Haven’t got to shoot with it yet but it’s very well made and the reload drills with dummy rounds is getting quicker. Highly recommend!

  13. Pauly (verified owner)

    I love the idea, however it’s hard to pull the strip off without putting excess pressure on the cylinder arm. My S&W bodyguard 38 cylinder got locked in the open position because of the amount of outward pressure, but it probably works better on larger revolvers. I’m glad they sent me a free J strip. I feel like it works better for my needs- Thanks y’all!

    • Andrew

      Pulling the tab upward or outward can put excessive strain on the cylinder crane. This can happen if you pull on the tab rather than removing J-CLIP by using a peeling motion. This video does a good job explaining the J-CLIP and all other Zeta6 products and how to use them: https://youtu.be/SstNlGlyN1c
      Michael – Zeta6

  14. Sterling Dewey (verified owner)

    The J-CLIP works great !!!
    Thanks, Sterling

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