About Us

Zeta Industries is an American company formed by firearms enthusiasts to create accessory products for the firearms industry under the brand name Zeta6™. With backgrounds in law enforcement firearms training and a passion for sport shooting, we felt this was a good space for us.

We have always liked the classic J -frame size 5-shot revolver and were disappointed that most speed loaders don’t really fit them well. So we set out to create simple speed loaders for the classic 5-shot snub nose 38 Special revolver.

We started with J-STRIP™ and J-CLIP™ to provide customers with a better speedstrip loader for concealed carry, and a pentagon shaped one-step speedloader style product. Soon after, we offered the completely symmetrical SYM-STRIP™ at the request of law enforcement.

We are also big fans of the K-frame size 6-shot 38SP/357 Magnum revolver. So in 2020 we introduced  a unique speedloader called the K-PAK™ that arranges six rounds into two equal arcs holding three rounds each.     

And in August 2020 we introduce the J-CLIP-R™ for the Ruger LCR chambered in 38SP/357 Magnum. It is the first LCR size speedloader designed for concealed, self defense carry.